Masoud Zamani

head of High-tech Lab

Choose to be a Wizard or a Muggle? Journey towards an Exponential world.

  Tuesday, 31 December 2019
  14:00 - 16:00


We live in turbulent and yet amazing era, the paradoxical co-exist of opportunities and threats. Truth is nobody (literally Nobody) in the world could predict the future anymore. Accessing to vast amount of data and knowledge, a way better distributed opportunities and resources led to a state that innovation paces cannot be contained or predicted no more?
so what should we do? How to choose our career path? How to upgrade our skills to match the market requirement? And the most important question is: how to predict the Future?
I have no clear answer! but I can show how the best people in the world solve this problem and make great contribution.
Join me on this workshop and we might create something that no one ever has.


Masoud Zamani is an AmirKabir MSc. Graduate and a futurist. He continuously researches and works on futures study field, especially on technological singularity. In this regard, he contributes to recognition of this concept by publishing on Journals, Newspapers, his website and also podcasts. Moreover, Masoud studied and researched on the future ethical and legal sides of technology as well. He has done divers projects in high-tech that varied from convergence of biotech, nanotech and cognitive science to blockchain and AI. He is currently head of High-tech Lab in Fanap Co.