Mohsen Hatami

Senior Manager

Experiences of studying MBA and working in Silicon Valley

  Between university mosque and southern(main) door
  Thursday, 31 December 2015
  16:30 - 17:30


- Why going from engineering to management (and other humanities) is a good experience.
- Does the MBA hurt me?
- A vision of work in America, Silicon Valley, and knowledge-based or technology-based companies

This talk was held with Mr. Hossein Akhlaghpour.


Mohsen Hatami is an MBA graduate student at Stanford University. He is currently Senior Manager at, the first and largest online market for distant working.

Mohsen Hatami is a graduate of the MBA from Stanford University in the United States. He is currently Senior Manager and responsible for market confidence at This company is the first and largest remote-market analytics market in the world, which buys and sells more than $ 1 billion annually. Prior to joining Deloitte Strategy and Operation Consulting, he has been a senior strategic consultant and has provided management consultancy services to various companies. His experiences consisted largely of defining the sales strategy, marketing, and corporate finance management using numerical analysis and advanced data mining. Prior to joining Stanford University, he was an economic, investment and financial advisor to Middle East Strategies in Tehran for foreign investors and some domestic employers. He is also a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering of Tehran University in the field of electrical engineering.