Hossein Akhlaghpour

CEO and Founder

How Deep Learning shapes the future of Bioinformatics

  Halls department, Hall 2
  Thursday, 29 December 2016
  11:30 - 12:30


In this talk we go over different aspects of Bioinformatics and show how Machine Learning and specifically Deep Learning will have such an impact that future Bioinformaticians are none but Computer Scientists specialized on Deep Learning. We show how Google and Microsoft are the ones that not only lead bioinformatics but also can monopolize this industry. What we call Bioinformatics today will be the blueprint of manufacturing of all kind of products from foods and drugs to batteries, solar cells, industrial and construction materials. Such an explosion of applications are not possible without turning to deep learning as the core engine of deciphering the protein-DNA interaction and designing new strands of RNA-DNA. This talk covers the following topics - Primary Analysis - Downstream or Secondary Analysis - Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) - Genetic Origami - CRISPR-CAS9


Hossein Akhlaghpour has near two decades of experience leading enterprise scale software applications in the e-commerce, finance, and healthcare industries. He led development of entire software stack at Genapsys and played a played a key role in planning and management of the development of Genapsys DNA Sequencer. Prior to joining GenapSys, Hossein was a technical manager leading the development of one of the top three strategic products at Velti, an advertisement multi-channel tracking system that could handle 50 billion records per month and provided big data analytics to Velti’s partners. As a senior architect at eBay, Hossein was responsible for the development of an application that processed 200 million deals daily and integrated with more than 100 partners. The system used a cluster of in-house Hadoop-based servers and processed more than one Terabyte of data daily. In the past, Mr. Akhlaghpour has led teams of onsite/offshore developers and managed two multi-million dollar projects using agile and scrum methodology. Hossein holds an MS in Solid State Physics from the University of Cincinnati, and a BS degree in Physics from Sharif University of Technology.