Majid Farhadi

PhD candidate

On origins and applications of the KLS conjecture

  Halls department, Hall 5
  Thursday, 27 December 2018
  15:15 - 16:15


Cheeger (isoperimetric) constant of a (compact Riemannian) maniforld is a positive real number defined in terms of the minimal area of a hypersurface that divides the manifold into two disjoint pieces, encapsulating a measure of bottleneckedness. Originally motivated by a sampling problem, it has inspred analogous theories in different areas. We are going to talk about the Kannan-Lovász-Simonovits conjecture that says the Cheeger constant of any logconcave density is achieved by a hyperplane-iduced subset, up to a universal constant factor; and will see some of its interesting consequences (and current best bounds) in geometry, probability, optimization, and algorithms.


Majid Farhadi is a PhD student in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization at Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to that he was a student and researcher at Sharif University of Technology, from where he received a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.