Parisa Khanipour Roshan

User Experience Lead

Why not ask users?

  Halls department, Hall 4
  Wednesday, 26 December 2018
  10:30 - 11:30


Whether creating a new product or evaluating and improving existing services, gaining users' love and trust is central to success. In this talk, I focus on putting User Experience Research in practice by giving examples of how different UX research methods are used in different projects and providing tips on how to frame research questions in a way that yields trustworthy and applicable answers.


Parisa is a User Experience researcher and a strategic designer. She is currently the User Experience Lead at Gradient, a data consultancy firm in Amsterdam. She has conducted research projects for companies like Facebook, Intel,, and McDonald's. Parisa has studied Software Engineering at Sharif, where she became interested in Human-Computer Interaction, and went on to continue with her graduate studies in Human-Centered Computing at Georgia Tech.