Shahram Ghandeharizadeh

Associate Professor

Nova:  Diffused Database Processing Using Clouds of Components

  Halls department, Hall 3
  Wednesday, 26 December 2018
  10:30 - 11:30


Nova proposes a departure from today's complex database managements systems (DBMSs). It uses simple components that communicate using high speed networks (RDMA) to realize a DBMS. A component may be a file system, a buffer pool manager, abstraction of data items as records, documents, and key-value pairs, etc. These components provide simple knobs for scale up, scale out, high availability, and elasticity. Nova selects components of a DBMS with the objective to meet the performance requirements of an application workload. Nova adjusts the knobs of these components in response to the application workload and may replace components in response to an evolving workload. We present preliminary performance numbers from a query result cache as a simple component of NOVA DBMS.


Shahram Ghandeharizadeh received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1990. Since then, he has been on the faculty at the University of Southern California where he is the director of the Database Laboratory. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his research and teaching including the National Science Foundation Young Investigator’s Award, USC School of Engineering Research and Outstanding Teaching Awards,and the ACM Software System Award. He has published more than a hundred articles and organized numerous conferences. He is the co-inventor of the BG benchmark and the founder of Mitra, a startup commercializing a high performance cache-augmented data store named KOSAR.