Mahmoudreza Babaei

PhD candidate

Social Computing

  Halls department, Hall 4
  Thursday, 27 December 2018
  11:30 - 12:30


A growing number of people rely on social media platforms, such as Twitter and
Facebook, for their news and information needs, where users themselves play
a role in selecting the sources from which they consume information, overthrowing
traditional journalistic gatekeeping. Since users can just select their information
sources, they don’t have full control on the content they receive. Moreover, it is very
hard to ascertain the quality, relevance, and credibility of information produced by social
media users, raising interesting questions like:
(i) how efficient are the users at selecting their information sources?
(ii) how do the users perceive the truthfulness of information? and
(iii) how does the consumed information impact the users and the society?


Mohammadreza is a fourth year Ph.D. candidate at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) in the Social Computing Research group under the supervision of Prof. Krishna P. Gummadi. Prior to joining MPI-SWS, did a Master's in Computer engineering from Sharif University in Iran with Dr. Safari and Prof. Rabiee.
His research focuses on information consumption in social media particularly along three dimensions of efficiency, trust, and divisiveness. His research interests lie at the intersection of data mining, social computing, and natural language processing.