Ali Banai

When there's not much of info, this is the simplest way to write a caption!

Amir Abbas Jalali

When the days are cold, when the cards are fold, Let's become a staff member!

Amirali Moeinfar

Psss... If you heard a sqeaky girly voice from the last row, don't panic... It's just me... (He fistbumps and walks into the shadows...)

Bahar Salamatian

I love the world when the world calls me for help!

Ehsan Pajoheshgar

Dude, get out of the picture!! I am the subject here!

Erfan Farhadi

I'm really happy because I know when I finish my job I can eat that Yazdi cake on the table!

Erfan Loghmani

What has happened??!!! What's wrong now?

Faezeh Labbaf

I have a horrific idea! These should be enough for aaall of youuuu, hahahaha ...

Faezeh Motie

Limitations lead to creativity! That's why I found this astounding new use case for straws!

Farzaneh Labbaf

Ok...Let's take this picture and.... allright we're done... We can finish WSS, I've got my picture!

Fatemeh Haghpanah

If you turn the frame 45 degrees the world will stay the same. That's my point!

Ghazal Ebrahimi

That's a stupid idea! Who makes a logo with straws let alone in this way?!

Hadi Khodabande

One of my crucial duties is to stand like this and monitor you carefully. They always tell me to sit down but I really don't care.

Hamed Shirzad

The deeper you look into my eyes, the less you hesitate.

Hamid Eslami

Hey you... Come on over here... It ain't the tea masters job to make tea! I just give orders!

Hanie Marvi

This WSS will finish soon and I should wait one year for the next one to come. It makes me saaaad!

Iman Jami

I'm so glad to see you guys finally learned your grandpa's lesson.

Kossar Najafiaghdam

When no one cares about the sponsors, I'm the one that takes a picture with them!

Mahta Shafiesabet

There's an event? It needs staff? Sure let's go... . What was the event called??

Maryam Elahi

When it comes to teamwork I'm the one that smiles!

Milad Ameri

Look at them!! They think they're running the seminar when it's all running smoothly thanks to me!! I just have to apologize for no good reason at the end...

Mina Moosavi

Playing Tombak can have a major impact on holding seminars! It's too complicated to explain but it's definitely true!

Mohammad Haddadan

Oh man! I'm starving!! Let's try this stick...!

Mohammad Mahdi Jahanara

I think we chose the wrong season for the seminar. It ought to be SSS instead of WSS!

Mohammad Zavvari

Hajii, I'm not in the mood!

Mohammadjavad Abootalebi

I'm ssssooo serioussss! tryin' to put a sssmile on my face!

Mohsen Mohebzadeh

Narges Rezaei

How the hell have you chosen this photo?!! It's not even taken in WSS! :/

Neda Shokraneh

I always attend WSS and help as a sign of thankfulness to SSC's efforts.

Nikan Ghorbani

I'm like the righteous and my name confirms that. I help SSC whenever needed. I'm a good person. Be like me.

Niloofar Latifian

I, as a staff member, want to declare that I take a picture with these chenille threads too.

Niloofar Zarif

There's always a delicate feeling of joy when it comes to WSS!

Parisa Payami

Hello everyone!! I'm talking to you from WSS...!! It's obvious, isn't it??

Qasem Niksefat

You really think I'm here to help? What fools you are!! I just wanted to attend the seminars for free!!

Rasoul Akhavan Mahdavi

When I'm a staff member, my hobby is to sit on the ground! It has a good feeling. It makes me smile!

Reza Moosapoor

Hey man! Take a picture of me working so I can get going...

Sadegh Saberian

I wish there were two electric wires in my hands instead of two damn threads. That way I could turn on a lamp! Never think I'm suicidal!

Sahar Zargarzadeh

Knitting is like coding. I don't want to explain more but you know, they're the same! never mind!

Seyed Mohammad Chavoshian

I imagine a day when I can be a simple attendant in seminars ...

Seyed Mohammadamin Khodai

I can't help being energetic, want some?!

Siavash Raeisi

Clean your glasses and see me another way! Can you clean mine too?!

Soroosh Ebadian

Make it done! I wonder how they accepted you as a staff member! "heh" ... !

Taha Shahroudi

Never forget to wear your headband in Winter Seminar Series! It's obvious why!

Yeganeh Alimohammadi

When I think about how hard it would be to write a caption for this pic I bite my lip.

Zahra Delbari

I believe we made a technical mistake. We could use only 4 straws to make a 'W'!

Sponsors and Organizers

Student Scientific Chapter

Computer Engineering Department
Sharif University of Technology

Rahnema Co

Technology for Life


Knowledge Diffusion Network

Iran Knowledge

International Institute for Future Knowledge Development of Iranians



First Day, 28 December 2016

Second Day, 29 December 2016

Event Location

Student Scientific Chapter (SSC)
Computer Engineering Department
Sharif University of Technology
Azadi Street
Phone: +982166165781