About the Event

The Winter Seminar Series in Advanced Computer Science and Engineering is a two-day event, held by the Students Scientific Chapter in the Sharif University of Technology. It is organized with the help of faculties and students from various universities and research institutes around the world. This event consists of professional talks, workshops and panel discussions on various topics in computer science and engineering. These seminar series focus on creating an environment for speakers to present their latest work, exchange ideas, spread the knowledge and share their experience. In WSS Iranians from all around the globe are given a chance to meet and expand their community.

About the seminar series

Keynote Speakers

Shahram Ghandeharizadeh

Associate Professor, USC

Mohammad Ghavamzadeh

Senior Researcher, Google DeepMind

Mohammad Mahdian

Staff Research Scientist, Google Research

Taha Yasseri

Associate Professor, University of Oxford


Rouhollah Mahfouzi

Ph.D. Student, Linköping University

Mostafa Rezazad

Postdoctoral Researcher, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Arsalan Mohsen Nia

Postdoc. Research Associate, Princeton University / Purdue University

Behnam Bahrak

Assistant Professor, University of Tehran

Hamid Bagheri

Assistant Professor, Nebraska-Lincoln

Mohammad Amin Fazli

Assistant Professor, Sharif University of Technology

Saba Ahmadian

Ph.D. student, Sharif University of Technology

Hadi Daneshmand

Ph.D. Student, ETH Zurich

Organizer info

The event is held by the Student Scientific Chapter (SSC) of Computer Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology

Venue Details


Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, District 2, Tehran, Iran




+98(021) 66 16 57 81